SurveilStar Activity Monitor records website visits, IM chats, screen snapshots, emails, application activities and more, allows you to flexibly control employees' PC activities by differnt policies.

SurveilStar Employee Monitor

SurveilStar monitors everything, and controls everything by policies

  • Real-time screenshot & screen recording
  • A complete copy of visited websites
  • Chat & IM conversations from both sides
  • Any Document operation
  • All applications and games
  • Incoming and outgoing emails
  • Network, bandwidth, download & upload
  • Any file printing
  • Storage, network, USB and more devices
  • Warnings, alerts & actions
  • PC performance & maintenance
  • Statistics & tools


SurveilStar Server

SurveilStar Server

Store all the data collected from the monitored computers. Micrsoft SQL Server Database is supported.

SurveilStar Console

SurveilStar Console

View data collected from the agent computers in console, and create policies to control the employee PC flexibly.

SurveilStar Agent

SurveilStar Agent

Create agent file on server and install the agent on PC, then the PC will be fully monitored and controlled.

IT Structure of SurveilStar

Server, Console and Agent play different roles, see how it works for you

IT Structure of SurveilStar

See what SurveilStar deployer say

Indeed, SurveilStar improves employee productivity and prevents data leakage

quotes My personal opinion of the monitor in short is this piece of software is invaluable. I have caught several employees using business PCs for personal business using it as well as 1 employee "cooking the books" for personal gain. Whether you plan to use it for business purposes or personal use to catch your significant other doing something she/he shouldn't, you can't go wrong with this purchase.quotes
---- Lawrence MacNeil

quotes Hi there. -- I bought your program over a month ago, after trying (and buying) a number of similar programs, which were a waste of money. The rest were rubbish compared to yours, which is superb. Thank you, I am a very happy customer.quotes
---- John Andrews

monitor employees

Record and monitor your employees' web activities to effectively prevent, detect, and review measures to reduce perceived risks of corporate data loss with SurveilStar Activity Monitor - the best employee monitoring software solution. It is completely invisible to your employees. It runs silently and unobtrusively while logging everything that happens on your employee's computers. Keep track of usage statistics for emails received and sent, IM chats, websites visited, applications logs and more.

check spouse loyalty

Detect and get the evidence you need to prove that your spouse is remaining faithful to you - or cheating on you with SurveilStar Activity Monitor - a reliable spouse monitoring software solution. It will log and record what websites your husband or wife visit, who they talk to, emails they send and receive, and even screenshots of their actual online activities. A worried spouse can instantly see if their partner is indeed being faithful and loyal and stop your cheating spouse in their tracks.

parental control

Shield your children from cyber bullies, predators and adult oriented websites, and ensure you have the control you need over your children online activity with SurveilStar Activity Monitor - the best parental control software solution. The completely invisible to your child and hardly traceable recorder module will tell you when, how and what they did on the Internet. With its help and proper supervision, you can keep your families safe from ever more resourceful and persistent pornography vendors.